Center for Philippine Futuristics Studies and Management Inc. (Futuristics Center)

The Futuristics Center operates as a neutral forum or platform for public discussion and publication of ideas about the future.  These gatherings take the form of lectures, seminars, conferences and roundtable discussions, the outputs of which include recommendations and alternative scenario for the immediate, intermediate and long-term future as without advancing any particular ideologies.

The Futuristics Center is a non-profit, non-stock, non-political private domestic association that promotes futurism of future studies as a discipline. It is dedicated to future research, studies/programs within our free and democratic environment to enrich public understanding of the broader problems and issues of Philippine society and to generate positive options for the future. We believe the Filipino must be pro-active about his own and country’s future.

What is Futuristics or Future Studies?

Futuristics or Future Studies is a mutli-disciplinary science involving a rational approach in assessing the future aided by technologies such as forecasting, visualization methodologies and systems, and trending analysis through the use of various integration softwares. It also involves research, logical analyses and critical thinking, and verification of date.  

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HOUR BEFORE DAWN: The Fall and Uncertain Rise of the Philippine Supreme Court, OUR RIGHTS, OUR VICTORIES: Landmark Cases in the Supreme Court

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